Search for one fallen in combat in the Belgian War Dead Register

Advice for carrying out a search

Start by doing a general search before carrying out a more specific search. For example, do not search for Léopold Dupont, but first try Dupont and then filter the results obtained.

You are not finding the person you are searching for? Change the spelling. For example, instead of writing Vanwymelbeke, you can also try Van Wymelbeke or Vanwijmelbeke.

The War Dead Regiter database only groups together soldiers of Belgian nationality who died during battle. In the War Dead Register, you will only find personal information about soldiers (surname, forename, place and date of birth etc).  The military file itself (in which information concerning, in particular, the soldier's career) can be requested in the sub-section, Defence Notaries, or from the Royal Army and Military History Museum.

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