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The War Dead Register lists some 58,000 war victims. However, information about some of them is quite limited. As sources are often scant, their backgrounds cannot be reconstituted.

Local researchers are often interested in these war victims. They therefore possess precious information that might help us complete the War Dead Register.

How does it work?

1. On the home page, enter the word info in the "cemetery" box. You can combine this with other search options such as place of birth, date

2. Locate a victim in this list through the War Dead Register and find out which information elements we are looking for.

3. Send an email to if you possess additional information.

We can complete the War Dead Register with your help.

Belgian War Dead Register

How many Belgian soldiers perished between '14-'18? How many lived in my community? What did they do before the war? How and where did they die?

The Belgian War Dead Register strives to provide as much biographical information as possible about each fallen soldier, for example: birthplace, date of birth, children, military rank and burial site. In the War Graves Commission archive, you can find the original index card for most of the fallen soldiers. The Belgian War Dead Register also contains more than 10,000 photographs.

The Belgian War Dead Register starts with the fallen soldiers of the First World War In time, this database will expand to include information about soldiers that died in the second World War.