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Abbreviations 18 Days' Campaign

“CS, Mil, TAG, Bon, Gn.,…”: For those unfamiliar with military slang these letters merely are a few incomprehensible abbreviations. The Belgian War Dead Register helps you out with an explanatory list. A short version is featured below. You prefer something more elaborate? Download the pdf files: Military Organization 1940 or Abbreviations 1940.


Belgian military cemeteries in the spotlight

The War Dead Register is much more than mere lists entered into a database. The fact was proven by our volunteer from West Flanders Carlos Heytens (author of e.g. “Tieltse soldaten in de Eerste Wereldoorlog”, Soldiers from Tielt in the First World War). He passionately visited all Belgian military cemeteries in the Westhoek and carefully checked data, numbers and double entries. The War Dead Register could in that way update no less than 12,800 files.